Gear Cutting Tools Exporters
The Company


The company was formed on February 2, 1999 with necessary set up to manufacture High Speed Steel Gear Cutting Tools and Broaches.


The Directors of the company have sufficient experience and technical trained personnel quite conversant with the product.


A group of highly dedicated and experienced employees form a dynamic team to take up normal as well as challenging jobs in the manufacture of Gear Cutting Tools, Broaches and Allied Products.


Full range of product contains the following:


Each Cutting Tool is accompanied by process data sheet and each process is followed by stage inspection.

Special Features

Each Cutting Tool thus manufactured is heat treated by SALT-BATH process which is one of the best methods. It ensures uniform and deep heating, better structure and better Tool life.


The standards followed are BIS, BS, DIN, ASA, JIS and GOST etc. as per customer’s choice and specification.

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